Lost Party 2019 is a brand new demoparty bringing together all 8-bit platforms with special emphasis on Atari XL/XE, Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum and Amstrad CPC. The Party will be organized by an experienced members from Tristesse who've participated in organising Last Party (1997-2003, 2017) and Lato Ludzików (1999-2002).

Lost Party is meant to become a regular party with regular compos such as demo, intro, graphics and music. Voting will be available for sceners all around the world.

The party will take place in Licheń Stary, in the very center of Poland, more less between Poznań and Łódź, 25 km from the A2 motorway and 65 km from the A1.

We'll have a big party hall capable of fitting 120 people. Next to the hall you'll find a lake, two markets and quite a few hotels/hostels.

Party timeline:

  • Thursday, July the 11th:
    • 15:00 - Doors open. (I mean, if you try to come in a bit earlier we probably won't make a bg deal out of it)
  • Friday, July the 12th:
    • 20:57 - Official opening, long speech etc ;)
    • 21:00 - live act: Wacek/Arise
  • Saturday, July the 13th:
    • 15:00 - deadline for all compos submissions
    • 20:00 - compos
    • 22:00 (or at least one hour after the compos) - live act: Brothers in .ATRs
    • 00:00 - vote ends
  • Sunday, July the 14th:
    • 10:00 - prize giving ceremony

On Friday and Saturday we're planning to have a fire or a bbq. What about thursday? It depends on how many of you will turn out. Anyway, we're planning to have some surprise for this day!

Lost Party 2019

(building of the Volunteer Fire Brigade)

ul. Konińska 46

62-563 Licheń Stary, PL

the nearest airport: Poznań Ławica (POZ) - 130 km

Contact: vasco@atari8.info

Party place

A map of the area with the most important objects useful for the participants.

Party place + entrance to the restaurant (down stairs).

A view from the party place for shopping. Newsstand covers restaurant. On the floor of the green building there is an accommodation facility.

A view from the party place towards the beach. On the left, accommodation facility, directly opposite the car park. On the right (behind the newsstand) restaurant.

Beach view. In July it will be full...

A view from the border of the car park and the beach towards party place. On the right, accommodation facility.

View from the beach towards the water equipment rental.

Campsite - 400 m from party place.

Camping continued.

Camping continued.