When planing an event it helps to know how many people would attend and what budget we'd have. That's why we'd like to encourage everyone to pre-order a ticket now! You do so from the January the 1st until the end of May or during the holiday promotion (24-27 December).

If you can't make it to the party, you can purchase a supporter ticket that will give you a vote access.

The ticket on the door is 100 PLN. I told ya it's cheaper to pre-order, didn't I?

Ticket price schedule (PLN)


* regular – gets you and your whole family (wife/husband/partner + kids) in and everyone can vote,
* supporter – allows one person to vote remotely.

If you've purchased the supporter ticket and you ended up coming to the party, you can simply pay the difference between price you've paid and the price of the full ticket (at the time you bought it) to get in.

Benefits of pre-orders:
- lower price,
- personalised badge,
- cheaper gadgets,
- they help us make the party even more awesome!