Lost Party 2019 is a brand new demoparty bringing together all 8-bit platforms with special emphasis on Atari XL/XE, Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum and Amstrad CPC. The Party will be organized by an experienced members from Tristesse who've participated in organising Last Party (1997-2003, 2017) and Lato Ludzików (1999-2002).

Lost Party is meant to become a regular party with regular compos such as demo, intro, graphics and music. Voting will be available for sceners all around the world.

We accept remote entries and we will also allow remote voting for everyone who can't come to the party but would still like to support us by buying a ticket.

2019-07-14 10:24


  • Atari XL/XE
    • 256 B:
      1. 1. z-bars 256b - Koala/Agenda
      2. 2. la parala - Xeen/Agenda
      3. 3. olej 256b - Koala/Agenda
    • Graphics:
      1. Captain Pork - Piesiu/Agenda
      2. Lost in Licheń - Odyn1ec/Lamers
      3. Reddrag - Tiger/New Generation
      4. Misaki - Tiger/New Generation
      5. Historik - Rocky/MadTeam
      6. Grotan - Rocky/MadTeam
      7. Port Alistair - Broniu, MADRAFi
      8. Arthas - Tiger/New Generation
      9. Biegnij, Lis, biegnij - PG
      10. Invasion - Rocky/MadTeam
      11. Wanderer - Tiger/New Generation
      12. Europa - Tiger/New Generation
      13. Medical Machine - Irata4
    • Music:
      1. Skyride - PG
      2. I forgot the melody. Again - LiSU/Tristesse
      3. Ojczeojcze - Arson/UAB/GGS
  • Spectrum
    • AY Music:
      1. Dance All Night - Gasman/Hooy-Program
      2. swinski ptasznik - zlew
      3. So you want to be a pirate, eh? - V0yager/speccy.pl
  • Commodore 64 & Spectrum Graphics:
    1. Flat Country (C64) - Piesiu/Agenda
    2. Burning Tail (Spectrum) - Piesiu/Speccy.pl
    3. astrodeath (Spectrum) - At0m/Joker
  • Wild
    1. GGA2 - Daniel Koźmiński, Olek Koźmiński, Jakub Machnio
    2. Karateka - Joker
    3. H2K - Brothers in ATRs
    4. Reunion - V0yager/Nah-Kolor
    5. Low Gear - Fancy Rats
    6. Star Vagrant Intro - MADRAFi, Broniu, Kaz/Rohar, Caruso
    7. AutariIntro - Bocianu/Tristesse, Miker/Blowjobb/New Generation, kris3d/anticSHOP/P.H.A.T./LMS
    8. atarimat - pgru


2019-07-13 20:41

Stuff and voting system.


2019-07-04 23:48

Party timeline:

  • Thursday, July the 11th:
    • 15:00 - Doors open. (I mean, if you try to come in a bit earlier we probably won't make a bg deal out of it)
  • Friday, July the 12th:
    • 20:57 - Official opening, long speech etc ;)
    • 21:00 - live act: Wacek/Arise
  • Saturday, July the 13th:
    • 15:00 - deadline for all compos submissions
    • 20:00 - compos
    • 22:00 (or at least one hour after the compos) - live act: Brothers in .ATRs
    • 00:00 - vote ends
  • Sunday, July the 14th:
    • 10:00 - prize giving ceremony

On Friday and Saturday we're planning to have a fire or a bbq. What about thursday? It depends on how many of you will turn out. Anyway, we're planning to have some surprise for this day!

Also, let us remind you that there is a lake, we have July and it's pretty hot. Let's make a good use out of it!


2019-06-18 00:09

If you're still not sure if you should make (or finish) an entry for the Lost Party, you might want to know that Lotharek donated prizes worth 1000 pln!

Vouchers can be redeemed at lotharek.pl where you can find almost everything a fan of 8 bits can dream of.



2019-05-21 10:54

Invitation for Commodore 64 (released: Moonshine Dragons 2019 compo).


2019-05-16 10:19

Party place photos.


2019-05-08 15:35

Invitation in Hot Style #9 (C64 Zine).


2019-03-26 11:25

Wacek/Arise has been known as the Commodore demoscene musician for 25 years. His sound is so easily recognised so it even ended up once on 8-bit Atari ("Maze"/Zelax :D).

At the same time, for nearly 20 years he's been DJing in clubs playing the "real" electronic music.

A few years ago he decided to combine those two and to pay the tribute to fantastic Commodore composers, he started playing gigs at the demoparties. He's playing energetic dance live-sets combining C64 music and modern samples.

At the Lost Party he's going to play, especially for you, a special set where apart from the C64 music, you'll also hear something from the other 8-bit machines!


2019-03-22 10:19

Invitation for ZX Spectrum (released: Forever 2019 compo).


2019-03-19 13:42

Lost Party organisers (from Tristesse) on tour! Foto: krupkaj

Tristesse Price


2019-03-16 00:21

All Tristesse increase population :)

Populacja Tristesse zwiększa się


2019-03-01 20:51

Dziś dotarła do mnie paczka z koszulką i dyplomem z Muzeum Komputerów i Gier z Pabianic. Dzięki!

Muzeum Komputerów i Gier 1/2 Muzeum Komputerów i Gier 2/2


2019-02-20 22:16

Krótki "wywiad" nagrany przez Krzysztof A. Ziembik w październiku.


2019-01-22 23:51

Our second sponsor is Retronics.



2019-01-15 23:08

List of visitors.

Last Party 97 visitors


2019-01-06 01:34

The first Lost Party invitation was released at the MAGFest 2019 (National Harbor, MD, USA). Thanks to Brothers In .ATRs (Bocianu, Pin and LiSU).


2019-01-04 16:35

Only six months left so we've put out some general compo rules (and more detailed ones for Atari XL/XE and Commodore 64). ZX Spectrum and Amstrad CPC should follow soon.

Atari & Commodore screen


2018-12-24 00:01

We're starting the ticket sale

You can pre-order the Lost Party tickets online for a cheaper price from the January the 1st until the end of May.

Additionally, during the holiday promotion (24-27 of December) you can get them even cheaper (50 PLN and 25 PLN for a regular and supporter tickets respectively). Get them here.


2018-12-22 16:16

Our first sponsor is Lotharek.



2018-12-12 11:29

We'd like to have a live gig at the Lost Party. Who do you suggest we should invite?


2018-11-21 23:43

We have our first supporter - Pixel Retro Shop from Wrocław. Apart from a wide range of an 8-bit computer gadgets, they now also sell the official Lost Party mugs. Thank you Tytus!

Pixel Retro Shop


2018-10-26 13:13

The cups arrived. They can be collected at Silly Venture 2018 in Gdańsk/PL so order your cup now!


2018-09-18 12:16

We have a new logo! Thanks Piesiu!


2018-09-13 02:56

Happy Programist Day to Sara Tancredi-Scofield (who's already working on the 6502/6510 processor demo as you can see).

2018-08-30 14:42

A map of the area with the most important objects useful for the participants.

More on info section.


2018-08-11 19:33

We supported the Museum of Computers and Games for what we have proof!


2018-08-10 21:59

Has become! Lost Party will be a meeting where all 8-bit computers will be welcome!