Compo rules

Traditionally we'll have a graphic, music, demo, intro and wild compos for the Atari XL/XE, Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum and Amstrad CPC.

Entries can be sent by e-mail - ideally by the 8th of July, 2019. We'll post the addresses later on.

We accept remote entries.

Visitors and people with supporter tickets can vote.

We expect prizes for the winners!

  • General rules:
    • entries may not have been released or made public before,
    • at least three entries from at least two authors are required for the compo to go ahead,
    • if that's not the case, we reserve the right to merge the compos (however we'll let people know what compo particular entry was originally submitted to), we'll try to only merge the compos within the same platform,
    • only original entries can be submitted to the music and graphic compos, no covers, no remixes, no mash-ups,
    • music and graphics entries should be submitted in one of the popular formats (or as an executable file, but only if you really need to!), more details below,
    • whenever it's possible, the compos will be anonymized, so should be your graphic/music entry,
    • entries should come with a .txt file including at least a name of the entry, compo this entry is submitted to and the author(s),
    • entries that don't meet the above-mentioned criteria may end up in a wild compo,
    • by submitting your entry you declare its freeware status.

  • Not so general rules:
    • Atari XL/XE:
      • entries using the extended memory should allow to choose the bank - it can be done by using a bank selector, additional config file or even by an extra block containing bank numbers (this block wont count against the file size in any size limited compos),
      • illegal 6502 instructions are... illegal,
      • Atari has a brilliant architecture that allows all sort of different expansions and extensions - submitting entries that won't work with them is against the rule.
      • Demo Compo:
        • memory limit: 1056 KB (64+992, 62 PortB banks, 2 banks need to be left for SpartaDOS X).
      • VBXE Demo Compo:
        • memory limit: 1056 KB (64+992, 62 PortB banks, 2 banks need to be left for SpartaDOS X).
      • 16 KB Intro Compo:
        • filesize limit: 16 KB,
        • memory limit: 320 KB.
      • 256 B Intro Compo:
        • filesize limit: yes, you guessed it! 256 B,
        • memory limit: 320 KB.
      • Music Compo:
        • playback time: up to 3 minutes.
      • Covox Compo:
        • playback time: up to 3 minutes.
      • Graphics Compo
      • VBXE Graphics Compo:
        • resolution up to 336x240 px, 256 colours.

    • Commodore 64:
      • original config, unmodified C-64, 1541-II, Action Replay, new/old SID,
      • if your entry needs non-standard config, let the orgas know before the 4th of July 2019,
      • all entries should be submitted as the .prg.
      • Demo Compo
        • .d64 files are allowed.
      • 16 KB Intro Compo:
        • you got it right, 16 KB!
      • Music Compo:
        • old/new SID,
        • playback time: up to 3 minutes.
      • Multi SID Music Compo:
        • up to three new SIDs - 8580 (additional SIDs should be addressed at $D420 i $D440),
        • playback time: up to 3 minutes.
      • Graphics Compo
        • an author needs to submit at least 3 different stages on the entry on top of the final one.

    • ZX Spectrum:
    • Amstrad CPC:
    • Wild Compo - will include entries from all platforms:
      • surprise us! :)