Lost Party 2021

Lost Party 2021 is a demoparty bringing together all 8-bit platforms with special emphasis on Atari XL/XE, Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum and Amstrad CPC. The Party will be organized by an experienced members from Tristesse who've participated in organising Last Party (1997-2003, 2017) and Lato Ludzików (1999-2002).

Lost Party is meant to become a regular party with regular compos such as demo, intro, graphics and music. Voting will be available for sceners all around the world.

We accept remote entries and we will also allow remote voting for everyone who can't come to the party but would still like to support us by buying a ticket.

2020-12-30 16:34

There are only a few hours left to buy the cheapest ticket for Lost Party 2021.

Tickets for Lost Party 2021


2020-12-29 14:18

Three years ago, the band Brothers in ATRs had their premiere concert at Last Party 2017.


2020-12-16 11:16

Until the 30th od December you can buy Lost Party 2021 tickets for the lowest price possible.

Unfortunately, the price had to go up. As you probably remember, many people decided to use their 2020 tickets in 2021. We're really happy for them, because they had saved the 2020 edition! But it means their money won't support us in 2021. Sadly, we have to take it into the account.

    Like in previous years, pre-order means:
  • lower price,
  • personalised badge,
  • cheaper gadgets,
  • you're helping us make the party even more awesome!

Remember, one ticket will allow the whole family to attend the 4 days event!

The price will gradually go up, so the sooner you decide, the better.

Remember: We offer the lowest price until the 30th of December. Yes, that's not a mistake, it's not the 31st!

Tickets for Lost Party 2021


2020-12-12 17:24

We have the compo rules available already. There are just some slight changes, so you better start working on them entries now.

Compo rules